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Typical feature of plasma nitriding is the active participation of the treated parts in the glow discharge - the parts act as a cathode, while the chamber acts as an anode. There are many advantages of this method over conventional gas nitriding:

     •  Cost effectiveness

             - 3 to 10 times reduced duration of treatment;
             - 50% - 100 % less energy consumption;
             - 50 to100 times less working gas consumption;

     •  Distortion - none or negligiable distortions, because ion nitriding is performed at lower temperature and under vacuum;
     •  Higher surface, case and core hardness;
     •  Excellent wear resistance - the ion nitriding process produces a compound zone which is dense, nonporous, very hard, not brittle, and has a low coefficient of friction;
     •  Reproducible results and better control - the technological process of ion nitriding is fully automated and computer controlled. The parts are heated by the ion bombardment on their surface and therefore the parts are heated uniformly;
     •  Surface finish - due to minimum deformations no additional mechanical treatments are necessary;
     •  Necessity of predepassivation of stainless steel is eliminated;
     •  Masking - surfaces which require masking are easily masked with reusable mechanical masking devices or special paint for masking - 100 % effective;
     •  Excellent hygiene and working conditions - the process is not toxic and corresponds to all modern requirements for environmental control.


advantages of plasma nitriding over gas nitridingIon bombardment of the surface in plasma nitriding processprocess of plasma nitriding - Excellent hygiene and working conditions

Plasma (Ion) Nitriding has many advantages over the traditional gas nitriding process.